"I have a crush on you"... Happy Valentine's Day!

It all started out with this song and a couple of pictures of her heart shaped macaroons...
"I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.
Well love is all around me, and so the feeling grows..."

I am a big fan of Le15 Patisserie's macaroons. I have blogged about them before. I know she does not like to share the recipe of the macaroons. But she did not say no either when I asked her if I could photograph her making the heart shaped treats. Pooja Dhingra kindly let me into her kitchen and click her making her beautiful macaroon. So without the recipe a simple visual treat. Enjoy!

Pooja made me a lovely strawberry and pastry cream tart, while we waited for the macaroon shells to be ready. It was delicious. Fresh sweet strawberries, slightly tangy mixed in with creamy not too sweet pastry cream filled in heart shaped tart shells. It was perfect dessert for a hot afternoon.
The kitchen and the stocked pantry with delightful goodies.
Coffee with Pooja. While the Macaroons bake.

The beautifully illustrated boxes for Valentine's day!

Thank you for letting me photograph you Pooja,
I always leave her kitchen a bit guilty and thoroughly in love with her baking.

So who do you have a crush on? Or what are you doing with your loved one today? Do leave me a comment with your story.