This is not a food post.. Maine Pyar Kiya dissected

My Younger sister Ms. Cultured Purl's rant about a Bollywood film- Maine Pyar Kiya that we loved to watch as kids. If you grew up in the 90's you would know exactly why she is now traumatized by this blockbuster starring Salman Khan.

"You know- this movie Maine Pyer Kiya when dissected down is quite obnoxious - firstly, the kabootar (pigeon) is better trained than any dog I know. Secondly, I can't remember the last time it was cool to actually wear a cap labeled 'boy' 'girl'. Thirdly, Manohar Bhaiya and his chamakchalo (girlfriend) are quite unnecessary and very annoying- not to mention Bhagyashree- jee auntijee. ... Finally, that scene on the terrace, where they are celebrating her birthday with that song, in the end when he gives her the shiny golden thing to try on and she shows up in that golden sheet covering herself- and then reveals herself so dramatically- I was traumatized by that scene. I couldn't figure out firstly what she was revealing. I figured she must have been naked underneath- but that confused me even further coz why did she show up naked when he gave her a dress to try on? And finally if she was actually wearing that dress then why couldn't we see what she looked like in it!!!???
I'm telling you-Khoon Bhari Maang is better- there is crocodile, plastic surgery, dance showdown between Rekha and Sonu Walia, there is a ghungha (dumb) and an aaya (nanny) that take care of 2 traumatized stereotypical kids (one girl one boy), a wafadar (faithful) dog and horse- all on the scene of a farm house! It just cannot get better! Oh yah and an evil mama (uncle) as well! Those are hard to come by nowadays!!!!
Oh and sorry back to Maine Pyer Kiya- when Prem leaves the house to prove he can earn his own money and support Miss Bhagyashree - why does he become a construction worker in the gav (village)? I mean he is apparently America return with at least a bachelor's degree- hello??? WTF? Can't he get a proper job? He could even become a personal trainer if he wanted to flex those muscles.... Major flaws in the story I'm telling you...."

I particularly like these posters. The styling, the typography, the colors are very Bollywood Kitsch. These posters were probably hand painted on to billboards, a craft that was practiced till recently, where the hand-painting technique of making movie billboard posters has been replaced with large digital prints on huge sheets of vinyl.
The two films for me represent the transition from the angry young man (in this case woman) revenge drama of the 80's to a softer romantic love story of the 90's.

Ok Coming soon: back to food talk- my week with wine.