Ssswwwweeeeeeeeettt Temptations!!!

I love taking pictures of desserts. Right now with all the circuit training at the gym that I am doing- I can only look, admire but not eat. I did try many of these and gave into my chocolate cravings whilst I was traveling early this year. It was comforting, satisfying and always exciting to find a new place in a new city.

Here is a collection images of some of my favorite sweet somethings:

Melissa's mini cupcakes, NYC
Sharing a raspberry cheesecake, cappaccinos and hot mulled wine at La Lanternas, NYC with Jae.
One Girl Cookies, Brooklyn - Beautiful cake in the window
Gourmandise- Salt Lake City, Janu's favorite
Bienenstich by Barbara- Salt Lake City (all home made, it took two days till two in the morning). Oh and it tasted just as good as it looks!
German Bakery- Salt Lake City- perfect delights for Saturday morning breakfast.
Cupcake A la Mode- Kansas City, adorable interiors. Who would have thought in Kansas City!
The Bella Nutella was delicious.
Pies at the Upper crust- Pryde of Old Westport, Kansas City
And they had adorable cookware:
Sugar Bliss - Chicago (photo from the website)
Now for two of my very favorites:
The chocolate flan at Cafe Iberico 
(photo taken by my friend Jacob)

And Swirlz Cupcakes - In Lincoln Park Chicago, where I had the pleasure of meeting Pastry Chef Beth who showed me how she makes these delicious babies..

Yummy right. Finishing it off with a lovely hot cappaccino always hits the spot.

So now its Mission Chocolate in Mumbai...
Suggestions anyone?

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