Cooking adventures with Meghna, Austin Dec 2009

Oh! And did we have some cravings. One really successful middle of the night experiment.

Things we used -
Puff Pastry sheets
6-7 Apples chopped
Brown sugar
Lemon Zest
Orange Zest
Juice of half an orange and lemon
egg white for wash
And some imagination....

For the Apple Filling:
In a pan start with heating some butter.Throw in the chopped apples. Add some brown sugar and cinnamon. Toss in the walnuts- cook on low heat.
When the apples are softened sprinkle the zest and stir in the juice (not too much)

In a square 9"x 9" baking pan lay the first pastry sheet. Cut off the excess that spills over the edge of the an.

Place the apple filling mix on the pastry sheet and cover the filling with the second sheet and trim the excess pastry sheet.

Use the excess trimmings to create decoration. Brush on the egg white and cook in the oven
450 degrees for 20 minutes or till it looks crispy and brown.
Goes perfect with a bottle of wine!
And we sadly did cut our happy guy...
 And while we waited for this delicious treat to be ready my gracious hosts Megs and Rahul played on their respective video games.

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