Of Short Skirts, Fancy Shoes and Wine served in Plastic Cups

Last month I attended Sula Fest. Initially, I was not entirely impressed with the whole thing. It was alright. The food was Ok, the music performances were short of stellar and the energy level could have been taken up several notches. The line up was Something Relevant (the saxophonist Ryan who I love), Petri Dish project with Ashu of Blue frog and Monica Dogra, Anushka, Pentagram and Medeival Pundits (I took a rain check on the last). However the wine was lovely of course and Sula owns a fantastic property in Nashik. But the more I think about it that maybe this festival wasn't entirely about the wine or the food or the music. I think what I really had fun was checking out the haute couture. What with Lakme Fashion Week 2011 coming up this Friday I thought it would be great to share my attempt at fashion photography.

This adventure to Sula was only possible with the help of my two friends Keith and Nishanth and my mom's car. Nishanth was a total trooper to drive all three of us from Mumbai to Sula (Nashik) and back in one piece all in one day. I had been to Sula before in the monsoon and the views from their tasting room are decadent of endless rolling grapevines and interspersed with lakes. Absolutely beautiful.
Like I said the food was passable- burgers, kheema pao, Italian, Chinese, Indian- the whole spread. Nothing really stood out to me. The Bournville Dark Chocolate and wine pairing was interesting. The wine was delicious but was served in plastic cups. Considering it was a huge festival I suppose thats forgiven. But really delicious wine. My favourite wine is the Dindori Reserve Vignier. So good.
But most interesting was the hot fashion, the shortest skirt, the cute sandals, men in linen shirts, sexy jeans, women with fun hair dos, sunglasses, smiles and grins.
So channeling my inner Sartorialist - here it is Food Blogger turns Fashion Blogger-
The beautiful Sheetal Malhar

Last year I came down to the vineyards during the monsoons. We were designing a wine bottle label and toured the wine country for inspiration. Check these beautiful photos. Totally worth a visit don't you think.