Grazia Magazine- A sweet little article

Its one thing to google yourself and find your name in search engines but its a whole different experience to see your name on the glossy page of a magazine.
But that's not entirely why this article is special to me.

When features writer - Mamta Mody, of  Grazia magazine contacted me to do be part of an article she was writing on her Grazia's favourite women food blogger, I was flattered and super excited.  She had seen my blog - liked it and invited me to join her and 5 other women bloggers for brunch at the Tote on the Turf.

I was not sure who else was invited, but in the last few months fellow food bloggers of Mumbai have become more like a close circle of friends. When I walked in at the Tote, my eyes lit up as I recognized 4 of the 6 women present there. In fact I was friends with them and had hung out with them in different food related events such as lunches, dinners, tea and coffee, had discussions on food and life with them, and even attended an herb growing workshop. In an incredibly busy city like Mumbai, it is amazing to meet like minded people, from whom I could learn, whose blogs I like to read and most of all women whom I admired. This was my group of women friends who I was extremely proud of. I immediately made friends with the other two bloggers and could not wait to see their blogs.

These women know their food, know ingredients, their eyes light up as they discuss food blogging, crazy recipes, food presentation. For all of us food blogging has been a life changing experience. I found myself nodding my head in agreement. We discussed food love stuff, strange foods, the waffles over brunch (those were good waffles), toppings, the breads, the oils, the dips, the dessert, the sweet Khousuey Soup Chef, the drinks, the colors, the blogs, the trends, our methodologies,  the readers-  we talked about it all. It was a glorious table of food discussion.

So sharing with you this beautiful brunch with these prolific women bloggers.
Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal- A perfect Bite
Poonam Joshi- Homemade Happiness
Anushruti RK- Divine Taste
Shaheen Peerbhai- Purple Foodie
Snigdha Manchanda Binjola- Now Cooking
Avanika Kiswani- Yummilicious

Oh! And my favourite line in the article
"Some of Jyotika's blog post might remind you of an episode of Ian Wright or Anthony Bourdain's travel show."

Though we were photographed over brunch, I could not resist bringing my camera along and taking some of these photos. The light was perfection that Sunday afternoon.
Shaheen and Poonam
Anushruti and Shaheen
Anushruti, Rushina, Snigdha, Avanika
Rushina, Anushruti, Sngdha, Poonam, Shaheen, Avanika
The waffles everyone loved!
Mamta- the interviewer/ writer
Taras the photographer
Aarti- the Art Director
Enjoying lunch after the wrap up. They worked really hard.

The actual article itself. Do pick up a copy of Grazia's Dec 2010 issue and read it for yourself.

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