A Midsummer's Night's Dream...

Oh so it felt like one when I got to this strange location. We had to cross abandoned rail tracks, hike downhill through the forest, walk through tall grass meadows, along side a creek, cross this strong metallic grill bridge and along a narrow path through the forest to a clear opening under the trees where you could hear repetitive beats with people swaying slightly to the music. There was a definitive smoke in the air and a general sense of looseness. I walked around the groups of people- listening to them talk in a language alien to me. The sun was bright and beautiful. I did not know Berlin would be like this. I thought it would be more cult. It felt like a gossamer elf's party. The sun shining on the blonde hair, people sitting on swings under the tree, flower children. It was like a dream. People dancing, talking,smoking, drinking, making love. All to repetitive beats. I made some interesting friends here. How did I even end up here? Well Irene and Martina knew of many lovely parties that were happening and I just tagged along. But was surprised to find people interested in wanting to talk to me. Not strange questions about origins and India, but a general sense of excitement when I told them I had just arrived from Mumbai and on day two was at a Berlin party. I guess that made me tres cool (a term I picked from Amsterdam Lucas). I shall never forget these friends I made- they gave me a sense of what it would be like if I did belong there. It was easy, light and happy. Such was the day, and such should be life.

Hunting for the Best Curry 'Worsts'

While I am still trying to put together my thoughts on my recent travels to Berlin, Amsterdam and Swizterland, a reader reminded me that he is kind of tired of staring at the Banana Pie. And while I love the Banoffee, I have to get my blog moving especially if I want to share the fantastic trip I went on. Of course travel writing is a whole different ball game, so I will keep it simple and anecdotal and full of photos that I took.

I got recommendations and warnings about this typically Berlin food. The Curry Wurst. I was told not to get it from a cheap Turkish joint because I will suffer forever and that I cannot leave Berlin without trying one. So the hunt for Curry Wurst began. In my humble imagination I thought a curry wurst would be a nice spicy sausage. Till I was explained by my vegan host that it is a simple pork sausage doused in red sauce (a not so sweet ketchup) and served with a healthy sprinkling of curry powder. What?!?! That's it. I must try though.

I went with Irene to a fab party by the lake in this far off place from the city (ok a 20 min train ride and not reachable by our bicycles). I will post more about these amazing Berlin parties but I had to show a few pictures as to how remote and cool these locations were. I did have alot of fun.

In the middle of a forest

Abadoned rail tracks

Irene- the excited for the lovely day. The party was on the other side of the bay

I almost got run over

Black glistening watch tower. On our way to the next party

Martina and Irene- waiting for the train

Kind of lost.
Some crazy park

Rummel's Bay - the fantastic location for the next party

An abandoned building which was the bar. No cameras allowed beyond this point.

On our way back we stopped at one of the said Turkish places by the train station and suddenly I had to try a Curry Wurst. I mean how bad can it be.
Well the skin was kind of breaded and fried, unlike the Brats I had eaten before . it was served with ketchup and curry powder sprinkled on it which essentially tasted like turmeric. The meat was kind iof bland and really the ketchup like thing really helped. Cant say I was a fan of this at all.
The deep fried breaded curry wurst. Cant say I was a fan.

As we- Irene, Martina and I went to the next party for the night in this beautiful area called Rummel's Bay- At this other party there was a woman barbequing some brats. Martina said I must try some brats since they look so good. I was once again surprised. They did not seem like the Bratwursts I have had in the US- which seemed to have more color, a little spicier and were cooked in beer. But as Martina suggested they were not bad. Infact the skin was nicer- crispy and bbqed quite nicely. It is all white pork meat inside and definitely very simply salted. It took a minute to get used to it, but the accompanying mustard was amazing and I really enjoyed the bratwurst with the mustard. Lets say I really enjoyed the mustard a whole lot.

Brats on the grill
Simple white meat inside. 

Our Bratwurst chef

The skin is not fried- just grilled a better texture 

Lots of mustard and ketchup

Martina Loves her brats
Definitely super for her- not bad for me.

Irene wanted me to still have a better curry wurst experience and on recommendation with some friends we went to Curry 36 off the Miriamdam stop. (yeh I remember). There was a crowd there. I felt a bit more hopeful. The guy behind the counter had an adorable smile so much so that I kept photographing him almost forgeting the food. This time I was better equipped for my order. I did not want the Wurst with the breaded deep fried skin but the bratwurst with the thin barbecued skin, cooked crisp with the sauce and curry powder and definitely the fries with some mayo with Irene's favourite beer - A Rathaus Pilsner. I enjoyed it better the next day. I was a little more aware of the sausage, the curry powder still flummoxed me. I mean I am Curry Spice- so I was a bit confused about it. But it seems to be incredibly popular with the Berliners. I wonder if many of them would survive the real Curry.

The Miriamdam stop

The vegan doner. A big hit!

Lines for the vegan doner. But my mission was clear.

Curry 36 - definitely popular

The cute curry 36 guy

And what would you like to have.

Finally a good curry wurst. I liked the sausage as well. The curry powder is still a bit much.
The fries were great.

My very Berlin meal. Oh the beer was fabulous.

Oh yes disgustingly unhealthy! I made up for it by having a delicious salad later for dinner of greens, arugula, mushrooms, avocado, cheese and the most wonderful dressing of citrus and olive oil. O yes Irene made this lovely salad. Bless her because it helped me digest all that meat.

The lovely salad that Irene made later

Delicious greens, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, mushrooms.

The lovely Marcus who joined us for dinner. 
Marcus one of Irene's friends is a fantastic designer. We spent the evening talking about design, his work, mine and some works that inspire us. If you want to be wowed do visit his site.

This post is dedicated to Martina - My sister in Wursts and to Lucas who will be disgusted.