Make some noise ONLINE instead!

Hello! Happy Diwali Y'all. I'm excited to see a much reduced playing of firecrackers though its not all gone yet. So we at Landor Mumbai (for those who may not know- but thats where I work in the day) decided to make a fun noisy online Diwali card that encourages you to make as much noise online instead. Also eat some awesome food today and play cards and win lots of money. Have a great year ahead.

So here it is- my favourite is making noise Gangnam style and the barfi song and ofcourse Manmohan Singh barely audible. Hahaha!
Just click on the image below or go to makesomenoiseonline and scroll your mouse slowly down and move it over each of the elements and enjoy the collection of sounds.

We also just adopted a little puppy. His name is Walter. And Walter is frightened of all the crazy Diwali noise. He keeps running frightened around the house trying to hide under everything. So here is for all the little animals that are suffering. Make some noise online instead!!!
'Ello Walter!